May 27, 2007



Jo in NZ said...

Regin, your seam treatments are just beautiful. As I look at your purse, I think that you have added trims, then I look closer and it's all beaded!

Anonymous said...

Nope, I didn't use any trim, other than a lace. All seam treatments are my own creations. I have a good stock of beads, bugles in my stash!
I wish I could calculate total working man/hour on this purse!!!
Much Love,

Gail said...

Regin, I am in awe at your seam treatment, all beaded? Wow. I am glad I can get a closer look now, beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rengin--LOVE your purse! I agree with Gail, your seams are fabulous, especially the bugle bead block pattern. Wish I had it in my hands to get a really good look at all the buttons, too.


Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Rengin, This looks pink and black on my computer, either way, it has outstanding seam treatments.