April 29, 2007

Halloween RR - Zandra's block

A new round robin has recently started at CQI, Halloween theme. we are hoping the blocks will be home early Octber so they can be finished and displayed this year.
This is Zandra's block. She drew and coloured 'Witchy' by hand.
We send a note book with the blocks so each person can write what thyey did to the block. Zandra started her note book with a wee story as to why Witchy has no clothes for the Brouhaha Ball.
Below is Jo's work on Zandra's block. Jo continued the story of Witchys lost 'pretties'. You can see that Spidey is hiding one in his hairy back, and Kitty is contemplating how to get it back.
Click on the label to follow the progress of Zandra's block in the coming months. See if Witchy makes it to the Brouhaha Ball suitable attired.

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Anonymous said...

Zandra, your blocks are just totally 'witchy' - love the cobweb Jo created and the cat underneath looking up at the spider, brilliant imagination!